The following photos of RAF Sek Kong, Hong Kong, 1955,

were sent in by Albert (Al) Forsyth. Names not Known. Anyone know them??? Les.













Christmas 1952, at Sek Kong, Paddy McGrath ,Myself ,Ray Mather,

and Cpl John Wharton.



The above photos were sent in by Alf Woodall, 1952 - 1955.

From left to right, Cpl. Mick McMaguire, Ray Mather, Cpl. John Duncan and Nat Cole.


Alf said he will be sending more photos later.


And here are the next lot of photos from Alf. 

Raf sek kong 1

Tthe R.A.F. Camp is top left.

Raf sek kong 7

During the Christmas lunch.

Raf sek kong 6

Ah Lin  posed in front of our toilets.


Raf sek kong 4

Ray Mather, Mac Wo,  Alf, and Mac Ping.


Raf sek kong 5

Cpl McGuire, Cpl J Duncan and Maurice Burke.




The following photo's were sent to me by Tony Huss, and he said he would like to get in touch


with the following:- Nat Cole, S Burke, J Duncan.


He can be contacted on 01455 285474.



Pic 0310


Pic 317

2 above,Tony Huss R.A.F. Sek kong,  March 1954.


Pic 0314



Pic 0315

Cooks on duty Christmas Day 1954.

1, A. Woodhall, 2, Cpl., Duncan & 3, Tony Huss.


Pic 0312


Pic 0313


Pic 0311



And the next please.