Ely hospital



The following photos were sent to me byJeff Glasser, of his Father Sgt., Jim Glasser.

I have started a new page for R.A.F. Ely Hospital, as Jim had served at so many stations, and this was the only one in Cooks clothing.

The other photos I will put below with their locations, and if I get more photos of the same locations I will add Jim to them.

Sadly he died in 1971.




This was Sgt. Jim Glasser's last posting before his Demobilization.




Masirah, Oman, 1959 - 60, Jim is far right.



Malaya 1951 - 52. Jim is front row 5th from left.


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             Above two photo of Jim in Singapore .                     Xmas Dance, Aden 1960.

                                                                                            Unknown Woman).



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                                                                                Canterbury ?.                                No idea of Location.



Other Stations Jim was at were, Bassingbourn, Lakenheath, Bently Priory,

West Raynham, Hopton on Sea and Khormaksar.

If anyone remembers Jim, his Son Jeff would like hear from you.

I have Jeff's E mail address and with his permission,

if you contact me Les Haines, I will let you have it.