Elm firdan kevin

 El Firdan winning team 205 group 1950, Ken is back row 2nd from left

One of the photos sent in by Ken's Son Graham, see the Cardington page.




Jack Leatherbarrow,
West Kirby July/Sept 1953.
The following photos were sent in by Jack.

Gerry Steiner, Vic Sleigh, Maurice Booth, Keith (Curly) Doidge,

Jack Leatherbarrow, Lionel Gaetto.



Our 7th annual Reunion 15/04/2011. At Sywell, Northampton.

Only two cooks here, Maurice Booth, in centre front seventh from left,

and me, second from right front.



Lionel Gaetto, Me (Curly), and Stuart (Roy) Rogers,

taken at the 2012 Reunion at Sywell.

 Above photo sent to me by, Keith (Curly) Doidge.



Following photos are from No. 2 Airmans Mess.


The names under the photos were sent to me by Keith (Curly) Doidge.



Jack Leatherbarrow.      


                                                                                               Jack is in the middle.  




                                                     Jack in both photos.                                                                                                     



Jack, Fred Killingley, Pete Town, ?,            ?, Jack.



                                                              Jack.          David Morgan, Stuart (Roy) Rogers, ?.                                          


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                                David Morgan, ?, ?                                 David Morgan.                                



 ?, Tony Quinlan, ?.



The following 11 photos I will put the names with once I have got them enlarged,


or replacement photos. They are too small to sort the blokes out.


Les, Webmaster.


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